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Written by Robert Mac
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Online Thomas Guides aren't available just yet, but you can get a digital version of the Thomas Guide. In fact, many new locations are becoming available in the digital format, as Thomas Guides are continually being developed for new areas. Based in California since 1915, the Thomas Brothers company has CD-ROM versions of their printed guides for five western states and the Washington, DC area.

You can now order a Thomas Guide on CD and enjoy the benefits of Thomas's digital database and famous page and grid system. Being digital means you can easily cut and paste maps into other software programs and even access custom map layers online. Thomas Guides are indispensable in print, and the digital versions are even more versatile.

Where Can I View Online Thomas Guides?

There are no online Thomas Guides per se, but with the Digital Edition of the Thomas Guide, you can easily search, enhance, and manipulate Thomas maps. Since the Digital Edition is on a CD-ROM, you can install it on your desktop or portable computer and easily access the ever-growing database that Thomas has created. The Digital Edition software is also compatible with the Digital Edition Toolbox, which allows you to customize your maps and send them via email.

If you are finished with paper altogether and are completely embracing the information age, Thomas has CD-ROM versions of their famous maps. Thomas has all-digital versions of both their northern and southern California guides, as well as Arizona, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon. CD-ROM Guides are also available for the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas.

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They don't have CDs for Windows 7

We were told by them that there are no Windows 7 CD's for the Thomas Guide.