San Diego Thomas Guide

Written by Robert Mac
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San Diego Thomas Guides are essential for traveling in southern California. Numerous folding maps are available to the professional driver or recreational traveler, but a San Diego Thomas Guide is more detailed and easier to use. Thomas Guide Map books use Thomas's page and grid system to help you quickly find your destination.

If you are planning a trip to the San Diego area--maybe to visit the lovely beaches of La Jolla--a San Diego Thomas Guide will make your trip easier so you can spend more time enjoying the sand and surf. California's traffic is notoriously problematic, and knowing the ins and outs is the best way to avoid congestion--and even that's not a guarantee. A San Diego Thomas Guide will, though, provide you with the most up-to-date and easy to follow maps in the industry.

San Diego Thomas Guides Make Travel Simpler

Forget the unwieldy maps with the small print. A San Diego Thomas Guide is a map book with more coverage, more detail, and more information than a folding map--and it's easier to use. An area map laid out in a grid directs you to a specific page in the book with an accurate, easy-to-read map--what could be simpler?

If you want to plan your San Diego vacation from your computer, get a San Diego Thomas Guide on CD-ROM. Thomas Guides on CD have the same detailed information as their printed guides, including full street indexes and freeway access maps, as well as enhanced digital benefits. You can customize your vacation maps, cut and paste them into other software programs, and even email them to your jealous co-workers.

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