Thomas Brothers Map Books

Written by Robert Mac
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Thomas Brothers map books were created in 1915 by George, Gilbert, and Leonard Thomas in Oakland, California; they were looking for a way to map cities and developed the page and grid system. This method allowed them to easily map large areas by assigning different map pages to sections of a map that had been divided by a grid. These original Thomas Brothers map books, now called Thomas Guides, became the standard and a west coast favorite.

Thomas Brothers map books are now available in a digital format, too. Thomas Maps had been making maps manually until the mid 1990s, when they made the leap to digital, allowing for easier updating and custom map making. Since their databases are all digital and standardized, Thomas Brothers map books are updated annually and piece together seamlessly.

Thomas Brothers Map Books Are Easy to Use

No huge sheets of paper that fill the dashboard or get sucked out a window. No more awkward folding, either. Thomas Brothers map books are simply the best and they are the best because they are simple: imagine a huge map broken down into more manageable smaller maps. Now put those smaller maps together and bind them like a book: more coverage, more details, and easier to use.

In effect, Thomas Brothers map books are massive maps that have been turned into a book. And because they are so large, they are very detailed: you can find individual schools, stores, and other buildings in a snap. The large area map directs you to the smaller, detailed maps, and all you have to do is flip the pages until you get to the right one--that's the beauty of Thomas Maps.

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