Thomas Guide California

Written by Robert Mac
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Thomas Guide California is necessary for anyone living in or visiting the Golden State. Based on a page and grid system, nothing is more detailed or thorough than a Thomas Guide. California is the birthplace of the Guide and the first state fully mapped out using the Thomas Brothers' digital database of maps--grab a guide and check it out.

Back in 1915, George Thomas and his brothers--looking for an easy way to map large areas--devised the very first Thomas Guide. California was their home and became the subject of their rudimentary map book. In time, these Thomas Guides were a staple in California, then a half dozen other western states.

The Thomas Guide California's Ticket to Ride

Nothing can help you navigate the confusing array of freeways in California easier than the Thomas Guide California. I have lived in California for nearly eight years, and I use my trusty guide nearly every day. Just about everyone I know loves theirs, too. It's easy to use, thorough, and highly accurate--what else would you want in a map?

In the mid 1990s, Thomas Maps digitized their hand-drawn maps and consolidated all their cartographic information into a computer database. You can get Thomas Guides on CD and plan a trip to California from your home computer. And since their database is updated regularly, you can trust that your guide will contain the most current information.

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