Thomas Guide Digital Edition

Written by Robert Mac
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The Thomas Guide Digital Edition is available for a number of western states, as well as the Washington, DC area. Just like their famous printed map books, the Thomas Guide Digital Edition contains accurate, detailed information from their nationwide database of maps. Plus, having the Thomas Guide on CD lets you use take advantage of all the benefits of digital mapping.

In addition to their printed guides, you can get Thomas Guide Digital Editions for the west coast states, plus Nevada, Arizona, and some eastern metropolitan areas. These digital versions contain the same information as printed Thomas Guides, but being digital has its perks: you can search addresses and zoom into digital maps with just a few clicks on your keyboard. With a Thomas Guide Digital Edition, searching a map is just another simple computer task.

The Thomas Guide Digital Edition Puts Maps at Your Fingertips

The Digital Age has arrived, and Thomas Guides has prepared well: starting in 1986, they began converting from manual map production to digital techniques. After a decade, Thomas amassed a huge database of computer-aided mapping information. You can now use the Thomas Guide Digital Edition to access their years of research and expertise through your computer.

Using the Thomas Guide Digital Edition in conjunction with Rand McNally's toolbox gives you even more mapping opportunities. The toolbox allows you to customize your digital maps with a selection of computer drawing tools, interface with global positioning satellites, and send maps through email. Thomas has been making quality maps since 1915 and has kept up with the latest in mapping and mapmaking technologies.

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