Thomas Guide Orange County

Written by Robert Mac
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The Thomas Guide Orange County makes driving in the "OC" a breeze. With more than 75 double-sided pages of detailed maps and three different indexes, the Thomas Guide Orange County is the wise choice for those visiting or moving to southern California. Like all Thomas Guide map books, it features Thomas's simple page and grid system for ease of use.

Orange County covers about 800 square miles between Los Angeles and San Diego counties. And like most of California, it's a traffic-heavy area full of hundreds of freeway interchanges and dozens of communities. Use the Thomas Guide Orange County to find travel routes, addresses, or local points of interest simply and quickly to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

It's a Small World with the Thomas Guide Orange County

Grab the Thomas Guide to plan a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, and you'll save yourself headaches and hassles. Anaheim is chaotic, especially during the summer months, and the best way to prepare is with the most detailed map possible--the Thomas Guide Orange County. Since Thomas's maps are of such a large scale--about 20 square miles per page--everything is clearly labeled and easy to find, even Main Street in Disneyland.

The Thomas Guide is full of page after page of information because it's much grander than a folding map. It's a series of smaller, detail-rich maps organized by a grid system that makes it more informative than other maps. And since it's bound in a book, navigation is as simple as turning a page.

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