Thomas Guides On Cd

Written by Robert Mac
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Thomas Guides on CD are available for most western US locations, plus other sites across the country. The Thomas Guide Digital Edition is the same as the printed version of the Thomas Guide, but with all the benefits of the digital format. With Thomas Guides on CD, you can easily look up and zoom into multiple locations, copy and paste maps into party invitations, or print out maps.

Getting Thomas Guides on CD will let you access Thomas's digital database of maps and other cartographic information with just a few clicks on your keyboard. In the 1990s, Thomas digitized their vast collection of nation-wide maps, consolidating and standardizing them. You can order Thomas Guides on CD for California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and some east coast metropolitan areas.

Save a Tree: Get Thomas Guides on CD

Welcome to the Information Age--data is easier to sort, find, and send when it is the computer code of zeroes and ones. Thomas Guides on CD, called the Digital Edition, offer the same great features as the printed guide, but without the paper. With digital mapping, you can easily search for addresses and locations in a fraction of the time it would take in a printed map book.

Plus, Thomas Guides on CD let you electronically manipulate all those zeroes and ones. With the Rand McNally toolbox, you can customize your maps with drawing tools: circle your house on invitation, or whatever you desire. Thomas has taken map-making to the next level--digital--and has taken their generations of expertise with them.

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