Thomas Maps

Written by Robert Mac
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Thomas Maps is a part of the Rand McNally Company, one of the most recognized and trusted names in the map industry. They are famous for their Thomas Guides--must-have detailed street guides--as well as laminated wall maps and map books. Use a Thomas map for wherever you are going--they have a highly accurate digital database of the entire nation at their disposal.

Thomas Maps began in Oakland, California in 1915. Founded by cartographer George Thomas and his brothers, who developed the page and grid system still in use today (that eliminated the need for cumbersome folding maps), Thomas Maps became the standard map for west coast communities. Now based in southern California, Thomas Maps has gone digital: the switch from manual mapping to a computer-based one allows them to update and customize maps with ease.

Use Thomas Maps and Avoid the Cost of Getting Lost

Thomas Maps use a remarkably simple system, called the page and grid, which makes getting lost a thing of the past. Using a national grid system, each region is broken down into smaller areas, each with a unique page number. No matter what guide book or map you are using, the page numbers are consistent throughout the entire system, eliminating confusion and keeping you from getting lost.

Thomas Maps began on the west coast and now have more than 75 editions of guidebooks for western states, plus areas around Washington, DC. New locations such as Detroit and Philadelphia are also available. Aside from atlases and wall maps, Thomas can also create custom maps for business, government, or personal use.

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