World Wall Maps

Written by Robert Mac
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World wall maps make a statement. They say that someone has a grand perspective, loftier goals, or a more global outlook. A big thinker. Thomas Maps has world wall maps for those types of people.

Thomas's world wall maps are huge--some of them are more than six feet wide. Plus, they come with framing rails along the top and bottom to help you properly hang and display your treasure. Thomas carries both regular and more durable laminated wall maps, which will be the centerpiece of your office or den for many years.

World Wall Maps Cover a Lot of Ground

World wall maps by Universal, and carried by Thomas Maps, have it all: color-coded countries, major world cities, and flags from around the globe. As communication technology and modern travel make our planet seem like a smaller place, world wall maps reinforce the fact that we all share the same world. They remind us that we are but 6 billion roommates living on one planet, breathing the same air and drinking the same water.

Laminated world wall maps are perfect for the classroom or any activity where you need to draw on your map. The thick plastic protects against rips, folds, and fading. The lamination lets you mark up the map and wipe up your mess. Wouldn't it be great if the real world cleaned up so easily?

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