Santa Fe New Mexico Hotel Choices

Written by Abby Luttrell
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One of the most exciting things about a stay in Santa Fe is to explore the wonderful and varied villages and towns just outside the outskirts of the city. Usually when you drive into the countryside from any major city, you can be assured of winding country roads and picturesque towns. But here in New Mexico, that picturesque town is likely to be an Indian village!

Indian Pueblos

Just west of Santa Fe, off of Route 44, is Jemez pueblo. When the Spanish arrived in 1541, Jemez was one of the most powerful pueblos, with a population of 30,000. Now their descendants still live in the beautiful multi-storied adobe dwelling. The Walatowa Visitor Center, open daily, has interactive programs, cultural exhibits, traditional dancing, pottery displays and nature walks.

Jemez State Monument, on Route 4, preserves the ancient Jemez Mission and Guisewa Pueblo ruins. Franciscan monks built the mission in 1621. Zia pueblo is down the road on Route 550, where it stands all alone on a barren mesa. The Zia Cultural Center sells pottery, beadwork and paintings, and their traditional corn dance is held Aug. 15.

Hotel choices for your visit in Santa Fe, New Mexico are likely to include large chains, luxury hotels and strip motels. Why not enjoy your stay in New Mexico even more with a vacation rental that truly gives you the atmosphere of old Santa Fe, with a private adobe home, flower filled patio and wood-burning fireplace? Santa Fe, New Mexico hotel choices can be pared down to a simple question: do I want an authentic Southwestern experience? When you see the selection of historic, beautiful vacation rentals, your answer will be yes!

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