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Written by Amy Hall
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Who doesn't want to get away for a little R and R every now and then? If your goal is to hit the Big Apple for a weekend getaway or even an entire week, your first task probably involves finding suitable lodging accommodations. Well, the most convenient and comprehensive source for Manhattan accommodations is the Web, hands down. You can literally run a search and within seconds, have pages of listings for hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area.

You can also obtain contact information on the Web if you come across a New York City bed and breakfast that is especially appealing to you. Every bed and breakfast has its own policies regarding reservations, but it is standard practice that you will be required to put down a deposit prior to your arrival. Some establishments will accept cash or personal checks, while others only want a personal money order. Many will not accept any credit cards, so it is wise to confirm acceptable forms of payment before you arrive for your stay.

NYC Bed and Breakfast Directories and Info

Also keep in mind that you do have choices when it comes to your lodging accommodations, aside from a hotel or even a standard bed and breakfast. Some people opt to rent out an entire apartment for a few days, as they prefer the privacy and space associated with such a choice. You may be able to rent a room in someone's apartment, and share the kitchen and bathroom. The point is, you do have options that extend beyond the traditional lodging choices.

When booking your bed and breakfast or apartment reservations, ask well in advance about the cancellation policy. Some places will gladly refund your deposit if you cancel within 10 to 14 days of your expected arrival. After that, you may not be granted a refund at all, or perhaps you will only get a portion of the entire deposit. When traveling, it is smart to get in writing all the details of the establishment's policies, as this can prevent expensive misunderstandings from happening.

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