Business Travel Accommodations

Written by Amy Hall
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Business travel accommodations do not have to include a sterile hotel with impersonal service that can cost you a fortune. Who wants to spend money to be treated like you are one of 1,000 other guests? Regardless of whether you are footing the bill for your business accommodations or your company is paying, you should get what you are paying for, don't you think? Lodging in Manhattan can be outrageously expensive, which is why it may behoove you to check into New York bed and breakfasts as an alternative to hotels.

A New York bed and breakfast can feel like home, sometimes even better. Where else can you drift off to sleep in a four-poster bed covered in the finest linens and wake up in the morning to the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon and homemade muffins, scones, and French toast? A bed and breakfast is charming, and you can expect to be treated by your hosts with much personalized attention and care. If you need anything at all, your hosts will likely do everything they can to fulfill your requests.

Furthermore, a bed and breakfast in Manhattan gives you the opportunity to mingle with other guests in a quaint setting. You may enjoy discussing world events over the breakfast table with your fellow travelers, or mingling by the fire with some hot cocoa or herbal tea. A bed and breakfast brings people together, which is ideal if you do not like to feel isolated. A large hotel can make you feel invisible, and it is certainly not conducive to meeting other people who are staying at the same establishment.

Savvy Business Travel Accommodations

Keep in mind that when you stay in a New York City bed and breakfast, you get a whole lot for your money. When you stay in a bed and breakfast, you get personalized attention, extremely comfortable accommodations, modern amenities, and the opportunity to meet other visitors to the area, and perhaps even to form lasting friendships. If you are tired of the hotel scene and you want to feel like you are right at home during your travels, a Manhattan bed and breakfast can provide just the right touch.

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