Cheap New York Accommodations

Written by Serena Berger
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Is there any such thing as cheap New York accommodations? Your first instinct may be to say no (you may even do so with a huge chuckle). Manhattan is one of the most expensive cities to visit in North America, so staying somewhere cheap is unlikely, right? Wrong. When you opt for a bed and breakfast over a mid-town hotel, you can save big. Let's take a look at how much a typical hotel room will cost you in the heart of Manhattan, as opposed to a room in a charming bed and breakfast.

Most hotels, even mediocre ones, will run you at least $150 a night, double occupancy. The weekends can be even higher, with rates starting at $200 and up a night, and we're not talking about four and five star hotels, either. Now, let's look at the rates of a typical bed and breakfast in New York City. For a weekday evening, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to about $125, with the weekends running a bit higher. What you get in return is personalized service, extremely comfortable accommodations, and modern amenities.

Cheap New York Accommodations that Raise the Bar

Many travelers are surprised to learn that it is entirely possible to stay in a New York City bed and breakfast at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. If you are planning on visiting the city for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, then you are in for a real treat. Many bed and breakfasts have rooms that are allocated for guests who are celebrating a honeymoon or a milestone anniversary. Such rooms typically have a bigger bed, a fireplace, and a whirlpool tub big enough for two.

In addition, your hosts may send you up to bed with a chilled bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, if you inform them of your special day. What is even more amazing is that you won't spend a fortune to get this five star service, but rather you will actually save more money than if you had chosen a hotel for your visit.

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