Hotel Alternatives

Written by Serena Berger
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If you are hoping to find some appealing hotel alternatives that won't cost you a fortune, you may want to check into all that bed and breakfasts have to offer. Lodging in Manhattan can be astronomical, especially if you are staying in a mid-town high rise. The problem with large hotels aside from their hefty price tags is the fact that they are impersonal. You are just one of hundreds of guests staying there, which means you cannot be expected to get individualized attention.

Furthermore, when you do ask for some nice touches, such as a gourmet dinner delivered to your room, you pay big money for it. Plus you have to then tip the waiter. If your idea of tranquility does not include an overbooked Manhattan hotel, then maybe you can find a cozy bed and breakfast that brings the comforts of home to you during your stay. There are bed and breakfasts located throughout Manhattan, and they come in all price ranges, from modest to luxury.

Choosing a New York City bed and breakfast can be more easily accomplished if you have a particular area of interest in mind. For example, Manhattan is divided up into different zones, which are then broken down into various neighborhoods. If you know for sure that you want to be within walking distance of Rockefeller Center and the theater district, you'll want to stay in Midtown West. Staying in a bed and breakfast that puts the attractions of interest to you within easy walking distance can make your stay less hectic, as you won't have to worry about catching a cab or navigating the subway.

Smart Hotel Alternatives

Another hotel alternative could be for you to rent a guest house or an apartment for a few days or even a week. This is ideal for people who like their privacy, enjoy cooking meals in, and do not want to deal with crowds of other travelers. This option will cost more than a bed and breakfast, but it can be comparable to hotels that merely offer you a bedroom and private bath. Certainly you want your trip to the Big Apple to be exceptional, and it can be when you choose your lodging accommodations wisely.

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