Lodging In Manhattan

Written by Amy Hall
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Lodging in Manhattan certainly runs the gamut, as you can choose between five star luxury hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, inns, and even rental apartments or guest houses. Where you stay typically depends upon two things: your bank account and your preferences. Many people are surprised to learn that the bed and breakfast option can be much more cost-effective than the hotel option.

Hotels in Manhattan are pricey, regardless of how upscale they are. You could book a room in a mediocre hotel and spend close to $200 per night. On the flip side, a room in a charming bed and breakfast with private bath, a homemade breakfast, complimentary beverages and snacks, and all the comforts of home can run you as little as $75 per night. What you get for that price is individualized attention, an extremely comfortable room, perhaps with a fireplace and whirlpool tub, and insider tips about the places to see during your stay.

You also get the opportunity to strike up some conversations with your fellow travel guests over the breakfast table or perhaps in front of the fire during the cocktail hour. Your hosts are likely natives to the area, and they can point you in the right direction when it comes to things to do and see. Furthermore, your hosts can give you pointers on safety while you are traveling about the city. Manhattan is a lively city, but it is also important for you to be aware of your surroundings so you do not become a target of crime.

Tourist Lodging in Manhattan

If you like the idea of a bed and breakfast, but think you may want even more privacy and space, you might want to consider apartment rentals. Many privately owned apartments are rented out to tourists for a few days, a week, or even a month. You can expect the prices of apartments to run higher than the prices of bed and breakfasts; however, you can often get better deals than you would on hotels in the area. It is certainly worth checking into for your next visit to the city.

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