Manhattan Accommodations

Written by Serena Berger
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Are you curious about your options when it comes to Manhattan accommodations? Well, if you are planning a visit to New York any time in your near future, you should certainly take a moment to consider the various alternatives to expensive hotels. Most travelers cannot afford $500 a night for a room at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue or the Regency on Park Avenue. These are luxury hotels that certainly have every amenity imaginable, yet they are not accessible to most people who must stay within a smaller budget.

Furthermore, many run-of-the-mill hotels offer nothing exceptional yet still cost a pretty penny, sometimes as much as $200 a night for a small room with a bed. If this does not sound ideal to you, perhaps you might want to consider your other options. Throughout New York City, there are many bed and breakfasts, as well as apartment and guest house rentals that are perfect for travelers who want to feel right at home during their vacations or weekend getaways.

Why Pay More for Manhattan Accommodations?

The fact is, with a little bit of research, you can uncover some fantastic deals on hotel alternatives that may make your stay in the Big Apple even better. Consider the fact that when you stay in a bed and breakfast, you automatically get one meal a day free--breakfast. This typically includes a whole smorgasbord of treats, such as homemade muffins, scones, waffles, omelets, fresh fruit, bacon, ham, sausage, juice, tea, and hot coffee. Where else can you get such scrumptious treats without having to leave the premises? You could order room service at a luxury hotel, but you will shell out some big bucks for a meal like this.

If you relish the idea of a bed and breakfast, but are traveling with children and need more space, perhaps you could rent an apartment, complete with kitchen, bathroom, and more than one bedroom. This can be a great alternative to spending money on multiple hotel rooms, and it allows families to cook meals, which is another smart way to save money. These are some fantastic and cost-effective alternatives to pricey hotels in Manhattan.

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