Short Term Apartments

Written by Amy Hall
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Short-term apartment rentals are one of the best ways to obtain affordable lodging while in the city. Manhattan is by its very nature extremely expensive. Hotels are usually overpriced, restaurants can be outlandish, and shopping can take its toll on your bank account. However, more people are realizing how much more cost-effective it can be to stay in a furnished apartment rental during their stay.

A very mediocre hotel can start at $200 per night, while an entire furnished apartment can start around $125 per night. Imagine having an entire apartment to yourself for less money than a single hotel room. If you like your space, and you don't want to deal with snooty hotel staff members or crowds of tourists, a rental apartment can be the ideal solution.

Furthermore, you can pick and choose apartment rentals to coincide with your personal preferences in terms of neighborhoods. If you want to stay in trendy Tribeca, you can certainly find a short-term apartment rental in that area. If Greenwich Village with its celebrity appeal draws your attention, you can book a reservation for an apartment in that area. Keep in mind that apartment rentals are similar in concept to hotels, the more luxurious the apartment and the better the location, the more money you will spend.

Save Money with Short-Term Apartment Rentals

If you are not sure where you want to stay, simply run a search for available apartments on the Web. Many sites will provide pictures of the rental apartments with a detailed description of their amenities and their locations. In addition, you can find out whom you need to speak to about booking reservations for the apartments you like, as well as get info about cancellation and payment policies.

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