Weekend Getaway Ideas

Written by Amy Hall
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The idea of a perfect weekend getaway is different for every individual. This can make it challenging if you are planning a trip for the whole family. Fortunately, Manhattan has a host of places to see and things to do that are conducive to families with small children as well as to couples looking to rekindle some romance. If you want an action-packed weekend, you can accomplish that while in New York City.

Most tourists take in the usual sights, such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You should see these sites even though you might have to fight crowds of people, because they are quite impressive. However, don't feel hemmed in by the typical tourist traps, as you can branch out and do your own thing. Shopping is delightfully fun in New York City, especially when you have some money to spend. If you don't have a big bank account, it can still be fun to window shop and dream.

Perhaps a picnic in Central Park appeals to you, or maybe a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. You can visit Wall Street and take in the pulse of the New York Stock Exchange. Maybe you want to head over to Rockefeller Center and watch a live concert sponsored by the Today Show. Who knows? Maybe you will end up on television. If you are looking to see an impressive church, you must walk through St. Patrick's Cathedral. Your jaw will drop at its architectural beauty.

Brilliant Weekend Getaway Ideas

Wherever your travels take you while in Manhattan, in all likelihood you will want to retreat to someplace comfortable at the end of the day. You might want to consider some charming bed and breakfasts, as they tend to be more personal and much less expensive than hotels. Furthermore, you can bet that your bed will be much more comfortable than any bed you would find in some overcrowded hotel.

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