Paris Accommodations

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Paris - a city like no other. You may be planning your trip and thinking that, with all the things you'll want to do and places you'd like to see, you don't have time to figure out where to stay. However, finding your lodgings should be an important consideration. You may not realize that the proper type of Paris accommodation can add more pleasure and ease to your trip than all of the sightseeing you do!

Your Paris Accommodations Will Flavor Your Entire Trip!

How you experience a city has more to do with how you move through it than with what sights you've seen. True travel experience comes from the special moments when you catch a city unawares, when it's not dressed up for tourists, in its back streets and local markets. Put yourself in a position to see things like empty streets at dawn, markets at dinner time, children leaving school, and all of the other scenes of a living, breathing city.

Paris vacations are immensely enriched when one takes the time to break through the tourist hype. An excellent way to avoid the beaten path and see the authentic Paris is to stay in an apartment, instead of a hotel. Not only will you not be in the tourist part of the city, but you'll actually feel much differently towards your surroundings - much more like a local.

Of all the Paris travel tips you'll hear, you may perhaps benefit from this one the most - take the time to scratch the surface. Whether you do this by finding an apartment for rent, different types of Paris accommodations, by renting a scooter and exploring, or simply by long walks into other parts of town, you'll be able to see the real Paris. Make it memorable!

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