Paris Travel Tips

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Planning a trip to Paris? Want to make it memorable? Paris is a city of endless delights. There are several Paris travel tips to keep in mind in order to take full advantage of this great city. Understanding the true Paris is key to being privy to her mysteries.

When Visiting Paris, Paris Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

If you're going to fly directly to Paris, you'll need to know how to reach your lodging from the airport. Flying into Charles de Gaulle airport, or, as it's commonly called, "Roissy", can be a challenge. Be sure to know exactly how to arrive at your hotel or apartment from this busy Paris transportation hub.

Once you're in Paris proper, you'll need to know all the etiquette and manners native to this fascinating, formal city; Depending on the circles within which you'll be moving, there are a set of rules you'll need to follow. Understanding the French ways will enable you to move as a local within them.

Another one of the Paris travel tips is to inform yourself as to the prevalence of hand-shaking, the etiquette of driving, the details of tipping , and all the other means by which Parisians live. Knowing how to comport yourself will not only validate yourself on the Paris scene, it will help you truly comprehend this convoluted city. You'll find that, with a little homework, Paris can be an accessible vacation like no other!

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