Mission Bay In San Diego

Written by Gregg Ruais
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East of Mission Beach, Mission Bay in San Diego is over 4,000 acres of park land. Residents and visitors use the bay for swimming, jet skiing, sailing, motor boating, and just about every water sport imaginable. By obtaining a permit, large parties and even weddings can be held in the park.

Once local schools hit spring break, lifeguards begin their seasonal duties during the weekends. Once the summer begins, they work daily. Although neither the ocean tide nor the current affects the bay, novice swimmers should only bathe near a lifeguard stand. Mission Bay in San Diego has unpredictable and sudden drops in depths that are very dangerous, especially for kids.

Park Rules at Mission Bay in San Diego

Regulations at Mission Bay in San Diego are designed to keep the park fun and safe. For example, beach fires are permitted, but only in containers. Parties are allowed, but for a gathering of over seventy five people, a permit is required. Dogs are not allowed in the main park between the hours of nine and six, but owners can let their dogs roam freely on Fiesta Island any time before 10 PM.

Between noon and 8 PM, alcohol is allowed in the park, but glass containers of any kind are prohibited. This is a safety concern, as well as a rule for overall park cleanliness. Overnight camping is not allowed. Park personnel enforce these rules in a courteous manner.

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