Mission Valley Mall Info

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Various online San Diego resources provide extensive Mission Valley Mall info. In addition, the mall has its own official web site that lists all the stores and eateries that make up this shopping hotspot. The fashion capital of Southern California, the mall is nearly two million square feet.

Its grand opening occurred during the summer of love, and the ritzy atmosphere and ultra-fashionable attire sold there made it a hit practically overnight. During the late nineties, renovations rejuvenated the mall's popularity, and, after years of gradually declining prestige, the Fashion Valley Mall returned to prominence. Once again, it is the type of place at which celebrities and members of high society shop.

Lodging Near Mission Valley Mall Info

A popular tourist attraction, many hotels and inns are located near the mall. Also nearby are plenty of nightlife and dining attractions, as well as two colleges. It is a very energetic and youthful town. Party-seekers should read up on Mission Valley Mall info before booking a hotel in another part of the city. This may be the most lively and entertaining area in entire city.

Travel agencies that specialize in the area can provide addition Mission Valley Mall info on nearby. The mall is only a short drive from the beach and many other attractions within San Diego. If fashion is your thing, a pilgrimage to the Fashion Valley Mall is an absolute must.

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