San Diego Airport Parking

Written by Gregg Ruais
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San Diego airport parking is available at all three terminals. There is an hourly charge, and then after twenty-four hours pass, a flat rate is applied for each additional day. Parking at the terminals will cost nearly 120 dollars for five days. Another option is long-term parking provided by the airport. In addition, some local hotels provide a parking service that helps save money.

Long-term parking requires leaving your car quite some distance from the airport. However, a free shuttle service takes commuters to and from the airport. During the busy seasons, however, parking near the terminals is scarce. Hiring an outside company or utilizing the long-term parking service is sometimes the only option.

Some area hotels offer packages that include a one-night stay and parking. Oftentimes, the hotels offer rates superior to San Diego airport parking. A spot can be booked online or by calling the hotel directly.

San Diego Airport Parking for Pick-ups and Drop-offs

Picking someone up from the airport can be a frustrating experience. When flights arrive late, friends and family, who were just trying to help, are stuck driving around the airport with nowhere to park. A new addition to San Diego airport parking is the advent of cell phone lots that enable people to park free for one hour while waiting for the late flight to land.

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