San Diego Beaches

Written by Gregg Ruais
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All metropolitan cities offer entertainment and cultural attractions, but, in terms of natural beauty, few urban landscapes can compare with San Diego beaches. The Southern California coast is one of the world's most famous shorelines. It is a place with beautiful weather and gorgeous people.

Surfers from all over the country either vacation in or move to San Diego. The Pacific Ocean can be very rough, adding an element of danger to the excitement of surfing. A perfect place to catch some waves is the southern tip of Black's Beach, an incredibly beautiful two-mile stretch situated at the base of a 300-foot cliff.

The atmosphere at San Diego beaches could best be described as laid back. Although not necessarily encouraged, it is acceptable to throw small beach parties and even start controlled fires at night. At some beaches, the police even allow nudity.

San Diego Beaches Are Fun

Whether you want to enjoy the surf or just lay in the sun, San Diego beaches make exciting and relaxing getaways. The weather is always warm, but rarely unbearably hot. Most important, San Diego beach town residents treat guests with congeniality. Meeting new people comes easy when friendly faces are all around.

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