San Diego Convention Centers

Written by Gregg Ruais
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San Diego convention centers host various concerts, performing arts, and business conferences. Different centers include fine restaurants, marinas, and beautiful grounds. The San Diego Convention Center was recently ranked as one of the top three of its kind in the entire world.

The Marina Village Conference Center, located near SeaWorld, hosts business meetings and banquets in its 28 rooms. In Mission Valley, the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center features 40 gorgeous acres of land adorned with palm trees. Visitors of the center entertain themselves at five different restaurants, a day spa, and a handful of swimming pools.

Top San Diego Convention Centers

The world renowned San Diego Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown San Diego. This massive complex consists of three components, each of which could stand on their own as impressive San Diego convention centers. This includes The San Diego Convention Center, the San Diego Concourse, and the San Diego Civic Center.

The San Diego Concourse hosts concerts and various social events. The Concourse separates itself from other San Diego convention centers with an elegant decor and gourmet food. The best in San Diego performing arts can be seen at the Civic Center, which seats nearly 3,000 spectators.

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