San Diego Meetings

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The San Diego Convention Center, one of the preeminent convention centers in the entire world, hosts hundreds of San Diego meetings and banquets each year. Its popularity is due to its size, beauty, and gourmet food. Many companies hold conferences in San Diego for both inter-organizational meetings and sales presentations for clients.

What makes San Diego such a popular city for meetings? For one thing, the Southern California weather makes San Diego an ideal spot for golfing year round. Spending a relaxing day on the links is the ideal way to build company morale, especially after an important meeting or sales seminar.

San Diego Meetings and Executive Getaways

A regular workday is full of interruptions. Senior managers are constantly being distracted by employees and peers who need information and answers to questions. When a management team really needs to focus on a topic together, going away for a conference is often an excellent idea. San Diego meetings are perfect for senior-level executives who want to have a little fun before and after such conferences.

San Diego meetings often precede golf outings, fishing trips, and gourmet dining and drinking in the cultural Gaslamp Quarter. The great thing about this type of business trip is that the company pays the tab for everything, from the hotel accommodations to dinner and drinks. Since the company pays, why not order room service for breakfast and a stretch limo for transportation to the meeting? (Maybe the limo isn't the best idea, unless you're the CEO.)

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