San Diego Old Town

Written by Gregg Ruais
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San Diego Old Town is a quaint and authentic part of town. Latin American culture has greatly influenced this area, which has considerable character and charm. Visitors walk through haunted houses, see historic school buildings and houses, and dine in South American restaurants.

Many people don't know that San Diego is actually famous for its ghosts, most of whom reside in Old Town. If you believe in ghosts, taking tours through allegedly haunted houses can make chills run up your spine. Even people who think the spiritual world is a bunch of nonsense often find these tours amusing, if for no other reason than to laugh at the tour guides, who are usually true believers.

People who enjoy exploring varieties of food are in for a real treat in San Diego Old Town. Restaurants in Old Town serve true Mexican food-not Tex-Mex, not Taco Bell, but the real thing. The difference in quality between genuine Mexican food and its fast-food substitute is equivalent to the difference between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers. There's no comparison. (If you don't know of the Clippers, don't worry, you're not missing out on anything.)

San Diego Old Town and Authentic Art

As souvenirs from a trip, people often buy hats or tee shirts that have a city name on them, but these items eventually fade, shrink, or get stained. A great way to accumulate travel souvenirs that last is by purchasing a piece of art in each city you visit. A visitor of Southern California can find hand crafted Latin American art in San Diego Old Town that make excellent conversation pieces when brought back home.

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