San Diego Pacific Beaches

Written by Gregg Ruais
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San Diego Pacific Beaches span the entire longitudinal length of the city, making every community within short driving distance of the ocean. People use the beaches for parties, late night fires, beach volleyball, surfing, and swimming. All San Diego Pacific beaches are beautiful, as some feature 300-foot cliffs, and others are home to seals and sea lions.

Beach goers in San Diego are permitted certain freedoms not enjoyed at all beaches in the United States. For example, unless otherwise stated by a specific beach, alcohol is permitted, even at night for small parties. At night, controlled campfires light up San Diego Pacific Beaches at night. However, some rules do exist to ensure the beaches remain pristine and safe.

Safety at San Diego Pacific Beaches

The Pacific Ocean waves are what makes California surfing and swimming so popular. Rip currents pose a true danger to everyone in the water, as they pull swimmers out to sea. A rip current often looks like a brown, seaward stream. Rip currents tend to develop near stationary objects in the water, such as jetties and piers. The State of California suggests swimming at least 100 feet from these objects.

Swimming against the pull of a rip current is an exercise in futility. If caught in a rip current, swimmers should swim parallel to the shore until out of the current. Swimming near a lifeguard is always recommended.

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