San Diego Sea World Packages

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Whale shows, interaction with marine life, and exciting rides are only a few of the attractions included in San Diego Sea World packages, which have entertained over 100 million customers since the inception of the park in 1964. The park also features educational programs for both teachers and students that make learning fun for everybody. SeaWorld creates a great atmosphere for folks of all ages.

The Dolphin Interaction Program enables people to feed and hug real life dolphins. The timeless moments when the kids' eyes light up when embracing their new mammalian friends make amazing pictures for family photo albums. One of the most intriguing San Diego Sea World packages is a special training program for people who want to help train SeaWorld's underwater inhabitants for a day. This includes meeting the one and only Shamu the whale, and working up close and personal with schools of dolphins.

A new roller coaster ride called Journey to Atlantis takes adventurers on an adrenaline-rush-inducing ride sure to cool off passengers on a hot San Diego afternoon. A sky ride gives park goers a birds-eye view of the entire park, and is a leisurely and fun way to get from one end to another. Other park rides include Shipwreck Rapids, Wild Arctic, and Sky Tower. Discounted prices for these and other great rides are available when purchasing various San Diego Sea World packages.

Dine-with-Shamu San Diego Sea World Packages

One of the most popular attractions at SeaWorld is called Dine with Shamu. This buffet includes great food for kids, and the whole family gets to sit at a table right next to Shamu's pool. During the meal, Shamu makes a personal visit to your table.

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