San Diego Travel Guides

Written by Gregg Ruais
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First-time visitors of Southern California find San Diego travel guides very helpful. People unfamiliar with the area probably only know about the most famous theme parks and landmarks, like SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo. Things most tourists do not know is where to find the best Italian food in downtown, which golf courses are the most beautiful, and where the best beaches for surfing are located. Even some residents know very little about historical San Diego sites. For example, how many people know what the San Diego House is? Not many, although it happens to be an African-American history landmark.

San Diego travel guides direct tourists to different points of interest, such as the famous Fashion Valley Mall, Coronado Island, and the artsy nightlife hotspot called the Gaslight Quarter. Without referring to a guide, what is a traveler to do after leaving the major theme parks? Hang around the hotel all night?

San Diego is a phenomenal place to live life to its fullest. You just have to know where everything is. San Diego travel guides provide not only things to do but also how to get there and when to arrive. Are you a jazz lover? Does art interest you? Using the right resources, you can find great places that fit your interests. San Diego has it all.

Online San Diego Travel Guides

The best way to research San Diego is through the Internet. Use a search engine, browse the links on the left, or click on our recommended link. The more San Diego travel guides you read, the more anxious you will be to visit this world-class city.

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