San Diego Vacation

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A San Diego vacation makes perfect sense for families, beach lovers, and people who enjoy the excitement and variety of city life. Vacationers have numerous options in San Diego, as there are enough attractions to keep everyone busy and entertained for even extended stays. It is not uncommon to hear people who have visited San Diego say they would love to live there one day. What's not to like about eighty-degree weather year round, friendly people, and a wide selection of leisure activities?

During the daytime, whales, seals, and fantastic rides make Seaworld an unforgettable childhood experience. For drier adventures, the entire family can take a train ride through the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where giraffes and wild horses roam freely. Kids feed friendly goats and deer at a petting zoo within the park. Visiting the San Diego Zoo, one of the most comprehensive and fun zoos in the entire country, is an all-day event.

A San Diego vacation is not complete without visiting the city's newest theme park. Anyone who has ever spent time playing with Legos will marvel at the sights within Legoland. Over 30 million Lego bricks make up over 5,000 colorful structures that beg the questions, "Who made these, and how long did it take?" The park also features rides and interactive exhibits.

A San Diego Vacation for the Entire Family

Few American cities can claim to be as friendly and relaxing, yet still engaging and fun, as this coastal hotspot. Whether you want to eat at a family restaurant or a romantic place featuring a fantastic view, the San Diego dining scene offers plenty of options. One thing most visitors, especially those from the Northeast, notice is how hospitable the residents are. Visitors are greeted with friendly faces everywhere.

A San Diego vacation should always include at least one day spent at the beach. A day doing nothing at all refreshes anyone looking to escape the stresses of daily life. People who want to have fun in the Pacific Ocean can rent surfboards, boogey boards, and wetsuits at stores along the beach. Joggers and rollerbladers exercise along Mission Beach boardwalks, while others toss Frisbees, build sandcastles, and read books. In addition, the gorgeous Southern Californian weather draws golfers to its scenic courses.

Old Town, San Diego treats visitors to historic sites and plenty of fun. Bazaar Del Mundo, for example, offers great shopping, ethnic dining, and partying. Located in Downtown, The Gaslamp Quarter, which is twenty-one blocks of jazz clubs, artsy hangouts, outdoor restaurants, and nightclubs, makes a San Diego vacation thrilling for night owls and social butterflies.

Where to Stay on a San Diego Vacation

Beach lovers should find a hotel in Mission Beach. Residents in this beach town live a very healthy lifestyle. Visitors staying in Mission Beach can enter this way of life. A typical San Diego vacation morning consists of rising early, and then jogging along the boardwalk from which you see an immaculate view of the Pacific Ocean, or putting on a wetsuit and going surfing.

Hotels abound throughout San Diego. Many offer free breakfasts, two-bedroom suites, swimming pools, and special packages for those interested in various attractions. Your San Diego vacation can be inexpensive and convenient by selecting a hotel wisely.

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