San Diego Wild Animal Park

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Anyone who has ever enjoyed a show on National Geographic will love a day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, located in the San Diego Zoo. This park features several special exhibits, including real African dancers, a Kilimanjaro safari walk, and several field exhibits that replicate the natural environments of giraffes, pelicans, vultures, and many other species. A day exploring the natural wildlife habitats of these fascinating creatures is fun for people of all ages.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park features a rail that takes zoo visitors over 90 acres of natural fields on which wild animals roam. The ride is approximately an hour long, and expert narrators teach riders all about the animals and scenery witnesses along the ride. This attraction makes for excellent picture taking.

Village Inside the San Diego Wild Animal Park

In addition to the vast fields inhabited by beautiful animals, the San Diego Wild Animal Park features the Nairobi Village, a place for food, refreshments, and activities for kids. Children can climb up a giant spider web, or do whatever they want in the play area. In addition, the village features waterfall and a mock Congo Village.

The Village also includes a hidden jungle, and an exhibit called Lorikeet Landing, where brush-tongued parakeets land on visitors' hands. These rainbow colored birds may use your arms, shoulders, and head as resting spots! The park is full of many engaging, hands-on activities like this one.

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