San Diego Zoo

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A visit to the San Diego Zoo makes a great family outing enjoyed by all generations. The zoo opens daily at nine and closes at five. Make the most of your day at the zoo by arriving early when there are no lines and then stay as long as desired. Tremendous in size, it takes an entire day to fully explore this intriguing park.

Visitors can take tours led by true explorers of Africa, who share their experience and knowledge, making a trip to the zoo not only fun but also educational. While zoo visitors may not experience the dangers of Africa, the wildlife sights entrance children and adults alike. Up close, the size and beauty of African wildlife leaves sightseers in awe.

San Diego Zoo Activities

The San Diego Zoo hosts various special activities, such as safari walks, petting areas, and, on some occasions, dinosaur exhibits. Some activities require extensive walking, a great way to exercise while on vacation. However, for people who cannot withstand heavy walking, or those who simply prefer relaxation, a one-hour monorail ride takes people on a tour of the zoo.

This train ride allows people to view animals in their natural settings. Obviously, pedestrians cannot walk through fields inhabited by lions and tigers, so the elevated train takes people over the fields where these animals roam freely. This is the only opportunity most people will ever have to see some of the endangered species that live in the San Diego Zoo.

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