Arizona Resort

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you choose the right Arizona resort, the time you spend there will be among the happiest times of your life. Arizona is a breathtaking, life-affirming place. Arizona tourism is a consistently booming business, because Arizona is simply the kind of place people from all over the world flock to enjoy.

What to Expect from an Arizona Resort

At the very least, the time you spend at your Arizona resort will give you access to all the natural beauty and pleasure this state has to offer. You'll have access to incredible state parks, canyons, charming creeks, and awe-inspiring rock formations. Hopefully you're the kind of vacationer who likes to "do," because there is so very much to do in Arizona.

In fact, the only problem with choosing Arizona as a holiday spot is that there is almost too much to do! You can spend one day golfing, and the next day hiking. Arizona is a magnet for artists, so you'll want to spend at least one day combing galleries for art, sculptures, handicrafts and gifts. If you love jewelry, you'll need to take some time hunting through fabulous and unique Southwestern jewelry stores.

Then, of course, you'll probably want to check out the Grand Canyon. If you've never been before, you can't imagine what you're missing, and if you have been there before, you wouldn't dream of missing an opportunity to see it again. You'll be so busy, it may be difficult to squeeze in time for a hot air balloon or a horse back ride, but make the time. You won't regret it.

Luxurious Arizona Resorts

Of course, with all the activities you'll want to try, you might lose sight of the other important thing your Arizona resort has to offer--the chance to relax. Although any Arizona resort worth its salt will have access to the Internet, newspapers, cable television and the like, I suggest you forget about all those amenities, at least for the start of your trip. Instead, why not indulge yourself in relaxation and pampering?

Try booking your stay at an Arizona resort with at least a few (if not a bevy) of luxurious touches. If you stay at a bed and breakfast, make sure their food is really something special. The "breakfast" part of your bed and breakfast experience should be uncommonly delightful, not simply satisfactory. Make sure the food is homemade, varied, and delicious.

How can you tell if the food is delicious before you've tasted it? Read the reviews. Look for an Arizona resort with strong, even glowing write ups in a number of guide books and travel magazines. What does AAA say about the Arizona resort where you plan to stay? What does the Zagat Guide have to say? How about Fodor's?

Choosing the Ideal Place to Stay

Why stay in a resort or bed and breakfast that is an "unknown" when you can stay in one that has been showered with awards? Look at the photos from the resort's website or brochure. Arizona is filled with breathtaking views. With a little research, you'll be sure to find a wonderful place to stay in this remarkable state.

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