Grand Canyon Accommodations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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A lot of smart people do something pretty surprising when booking their Grand Canyon accommodations. They book them hours outside the Grand Canyon. Instead of staying right in the middle of the action, many tourists choose to stay at an Arizona vacation spot a couple of hours away. The choice of Grand Canyon accommodations is much more appealing when you get a little outside the area like this.

For instance, many savvy vacationers stay at an Arizona bed and breakfast in nearby Sedona, then drive in for the day. This is a great way to see the area surrounding the Grand Canyon. Arizona is full of natural beauty, which makes for a really spectacular drive. Because Sedona is such a short distance away, it's one of the most popular Grand Canyon accommodations.

What to Look for in Grand Canyon Accommodations

I try not to be biased, but in my opinion bed and breakfasts are far superior to resorts. A bed and breakfast offers the best of both worlds. You have all the privacy you want, but you also have somebody looking after you. They'll tell you the best place to rent a hot air balloon or the niftiest place to go horse back riding. They can tell you which restaurants to avoid and which to try. And they really do care about making every detail of your stay ideal. It always makes me feel catered to and pampered.

Since we're talking about Arizona, look for great views, too. Ideally, you'll want a beautiful view from your bedroom window, balcony, or patio. Don't underestimate the value of a balcony. A glass of champagne with your husband at sunset, on your own private little patch of outdoor heaven, might just become your favorite memory of the trip.

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