Oak Creek Canyon Arizona

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Oak Creek Canyon Arizona is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. It's a breathtaking combination of jagged Red Rocks, brilliant blue water, perfect skies, and unexpected woods. Oak Creek Canyon Arizona is well known for being home to famous Sedona. Sedona, Arizona is one of the premiere holiday spots in the world.

People come from around the globe to stay at Sedona's luxury inns. Oak Creek Canyon Arizona is more than just a spot of natural beauty. It's one of the most famous and fabulous destinations in the world.

Staying in Oak Creek Canyon Arizona

I recommend looking for one thing above all others when choosing your resort in Oak Creek Canyon: great views. Make sure your bedroom, balcony or patio has first class views. The Red Rock formations are some of the most spectacular sites in all the world. Why on earth would you settle for a room with just a view of the pool? Don't choose an inn that makes you feel like you could be anywhere. Choose a spot that constantly reminds you that you are in the canyons.

Next, look for a spot with all the amenities. You're going to be very busy while you're in Arizona. Your days will be spent taking jeep safaris, golfing, hiking or horseback riding. Make sure that when you return to your room, it's the most luxurious, delicious, pampering spot you could imagine. You'll deserve it after all those active days.

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