Outdoor Sedona Weddings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Outdoor Sedona weddings are for the couples who feel a special connection with nature. Perhaps the sound and sight of a gently rolling creek puts you at ease. Maybe the green forest and colorful flowers put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart. The sunsets over red rocks may give you a surge of spirituality and peacefulness. If it's in nature, it's for you.

Because of the stunning beauty of this place, weddings are about as common as umbrellas on a rainy day. Now, you can't have such a large industry for weddings and not have the team to back it up. With outdoor Sedona weddings, you will find world-class florists, caterers, bakers, videographers and more. These seasoned professionals are there to handle your wedding needs so you can be relieved of some stress and still have the most beautiful day possible.

Times for Outdoor Sedona Weddings

One of the wonderful things about Sedona is that the climate is fairly mild all year long. Granted, the most popular time for outdoor Sedona weddings is in the spring, but you can't beat that early fall weather. Most of the forest stays green for all of the seasons. Once you have chosen the month of your big day, you will need to choose the time of day.

Some people like to have their wedding in the morning so that they can party all day long. If you plan on having your wedding mid-day, just make sure you are under a tent or have some high SPF lotion on. The bride is supposed to be dazzling, not a lobster look alike.

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