Sedona Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Whether a family trip, romantic rekindling or spiritual journey, Sedona vacations offer it all. This historic, artsy and outdoorsy town lays claim to being one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America. Sometimes, when people hear the suggesting of going to Sedona, Arizona for vacation, they shrug and say they'd rather go somewhere else. However, when that little beauty fact is laid upon them, their minds seem to shift.

Once they have arrived to commence their Sedona vacations, all doubts are banished forever. Not only that, friends and relatives will likely hear for months and years that they must take a trip to Sedona as well. Why is this place so wonderful? Could it be because it's hidden among 1.8 million acres of a national forest? Could it be the red rocks providing perfect sunset settings?

Yes, I'm sure those things have something to do with it. However, Sedona doesn't stop at beauty. The natural beauty helps to relax, soothe and make you feel closer to your spirituality. It's also great for outdoor activities. Take a day and go horseback riding. After that romp, take a bath in your two-person Jacuzzi, followed by a night at a gourmet restaurant.

Planning Sedona Vacations

Sedona is home to many wonderful annual celebrations and festivals. You may want to plan your Sedona vacations to coincide with some of these. The Red Rocks Music Festival is a must for music lovers. In October, enjoy the Sedona Arts Festival. There's live entertainment and fun for kids. In May, check out the Art and Sculpture Walk. Artists from all over the nation will have works in this show.

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