Whistler Blackcomb Accommodations

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With the help of the Internet, it's much easier to undertake your search for Whistler Blackcomb accommodations. There are three primary things to consider when searching for a place to stay: accommodation type, location, and quality. All the accoutrements and extras you receive will largely be a function of this last group.

Some sites even lay out all three categories for you and let you winnow down the list of possible residences by yourself. Start with accommodation type and choose from among hotels, motels, condos, RV parks, townhouses, chalets/lodges, and inns. This final category may also include private residences and B&Bs (bed and breakfasts) as well. Once you've chosen the type of Whistler Blackcomb accommodations you want, it's time to move on to locale.

Where Your Whistler Blackcomb Accommodations Are Located

As with most real estate, when it comes to your Whistler Blackcomb accommodations, location is everything. Most visitors choose to stay in or around Whistler Village, which gives them easy access to chair lifts, restaurants, apres ski activities, and fantastic nightlife. Here, travelers have three options: Whistler Village, Upper Village, or Village North. Other vacationers prefer relative seclusion, which doesn't necessarily equal a long shuttle ride into town. To the contrary, places like Creekside, Blueberry Hill, and Nicklaus North are only a snowball's throw from the slopes.

Finally, your stay in Whistler Blackcomb will depend on your budget. Some sites and travel guides rank their accommodations from one to five "peaks" (think stars, but for the alpine set). Rest assured that Whistler provides a surfeit of housing in the off season and manages to give its guests some options even at the height of the ski season. Whether you have 75 or 750 dollars to spend per night, there are accommodations in your price range.

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