Whistler Chalets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Whistler chalets convey all the intimacy and old-world charm of great European ski chalets without forcing vacationers to travel thousands upon thousands of miles to experience it. Staying at a chalet can make you feel as though you're skiing the Swiss or French Alps, even though many Canadians would insist that their world-class resort just outside of Vancouver boasts better conditions, more challenging trails, and warmer hospitality. It's this reputation that's won Whistler Blackcomb raves not only from the leading ski and snowboard publications, but from international travel magazines and websites as well.

So what exactly is so special about Whistler chalets? Well, for one, chalets are more akin to homes nestled up among the firs and pines than they are hotels with gaudy lights and signage. Those who appreciate subtlety are drawn to chalets, which tend to blend into their natural environs and sport a homier feeling than a chain hotel or motel. What's more, many Whistler chalets are fully furnished just as a European hideaway home might be, with cedar logs and plank flooring as well as other authentic touches.

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Just because Whistler chalets aim for homestyle accents and other authentic flourishes doesn't mean they skimp on the modern amenities and luxury features. In fact, several of Whistler's best chalets are tucked up among the crags in the mountains where their altitude provides a natural view of the town below. Some chalets are situated right alongside the Nicklaus North golf course named for, you guessed it, the Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus. If your idea of a getaway is more about links than slopes, it's hard to pass up such a prime location.

Whistler chalets may cost substantially more than hotels and condos, but a range of options still exists for tourists of varying budgets. What's more, Whistler accommodations at chalets are substantially reduced in price during the summer, when trees are in full bloom and the ice has melted away. A lot of ski bunnies fail to realize that Whistler Blackcomb is not only a premier resort in the winter months, but in the spring and summer as well when horseback riding, golf, and swimming are the order of the day.

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