Whistler Mountain

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's far more to do on Whistler Mountain than just skiing and snowboarding, two of the area's most notable pastimes. Those with a deep-seated antipathy towards cold weather can rest assured that summer on Whistler Mountain offers blooming flora and a diversity of fauna as well as knowledgeable tour guides capable of pointing out both. There are guided tours up and around Whistler Mountain for those who appreciate the structure of a "classroom" setting, but you're also free to meander about on your own.

Hop on the Whistler Gondola and within 20 minutes you're high atop the region, looking down from 6000 feet above sea level. Whether you're there as a couple, a family, or even two families, you can all fit inside one gondola (usually), while bigger groups can caravan up the mountain and recongregate once you're at the summit. From there, you can hike some 30 miles of marked trails, go mountaineering with certified instructors, or just have lunch at any of the three eateries on the mountainside.

More Activities on Whistler Mountain

Those seeking a bit more adventure can ride along some 4800 feet of vertical bike trails or perform aerial acrobatics at the jump areas inside the park. Less-advanced riders can sign up for lessons and take guided tours around Whistler Mountain on a bikes suitable for their individual skill levels. It's also easy to rent helmets, knee, shoulder, and elbow pads, and other safety equipment when checking out your bike for the day.

Once you come down from the mountain, chill out at one of Whistler Village's restaurants, which boast patios that are perfect for people-watching. Catch up on the day's news while sipping a coffee or beer, or just sit back and watch the blur of people heading up the slopes, into retail shops, and off into lush surrounding forests. For those folks who shudder at the thought of a ski resort in the summertime, hang on for a few more months and it will be time once again to start planning for Whistler ski vacations.

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