Romantic Cabins

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It's absolutely amazing how romantic a cabin getaway can be. Couples who are looking for a secluded retreat will find not only wonderfully decorated cabins, they will also find the peace and serenity that comes with standing in awe of nature's beauty. If the couple would like to do some sightseeing or exploring, many of Tennessee's mountain cabin retreats are within a short drive from national parks and places like Dollywood and Gatlinburg.

Honeymoon Cabins

In the Great Smoky Mountains, you can find cabins that will delight you. While the word "cabin" may hold a rustic, low-tech connotation, some of today's cabins come equipped with exquisite country decor, big-screen televisions with satellite channels, microwaves, gas-powered fireplaces, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are common, and basking in a hot tub while drinking champagne on an outdoor deck with the mountains for a backdrop is about as romantic as it gets.

In the bedrooms, you may find king sized beds, some with canopies and delicate handmade quilts. A cozy fireplace, lace curtains, and lots of pillows complete the picture. There might even be a table for two in the corner by one of the windows where the couple can share a romantic breakfast or a late dinner.

Finding Romantic Cabins Online

If you're thinking about a romantic modern cabin getaway, Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains are a great choice. When you find a website, check out pictures of several cabins and make your selection. The rest is easy. You will usually be able to book your cabin right on the Internet. While the cabins are great, the romance is up to you.

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