Romantic Getaways

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What defines a romantic getaway? For most couples, it's the opportunity to spend time together away from the worries and cares of everyday life. It's a chance to explore mutual interests and to spend hours walking and holding hands and talking. It's a time to reconnect and plan, to remember and to look to the future. It's a time to make love and to grow in love.

Plan Some Cabin Romance of Your Own

What better setting for a romantic getaway could there be than a secluded cabin with all the amenities anyone could want and lots of ways to have fun? What views could be better than mountain landscapes to help couples learn about life? You can rent a cabin for about what it would cost to stay in a good hotel.

Near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee, you will find literally hundreds of vacation rental cabins that are available for most of the year. For couples, there are one bedroom cabins with king-sized beds, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and hot tubs, large screen satellite television with DVD and VCRs, and every appliance they could possibly want. Even the decor of some special cabins has been planned especially for romance.

Find a Cabin Online

Check out one of the many websites offering virtual tours of these wonderful, romantic cabins and find the one that stirs your heart. Check availability and make your reservations online. Then all you have to do is to pack. Remember to take some dress clothes for a night on the town and hiking shoes for those walks on the mountains or trails. Oh, and remember to hold hands.

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