Hilton Head Ocean Views

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Hilton Head ocean views would seem easy enough to come by. The island, after all, has about 19 miles of Atlantic coastline. Nestled close to the South Carolina shore, it is boot-shaped and rather small. Inhabited for nearly 10,000 years, it was first "discovered" by Europeans nearly 500 years ago, when the Spanish arrived in 1525.

Their imprint was strongest on the mainland of Beaufort County, where today's St. Helena--one of the oldest continually used European geography names in North America--is derived from the Spanish "la Punta de Santa Elena." Sea captain William Hilton surveyed the island in 1663 and claimed it for the British crown. He, too, was captivated by Hilton Head ocean views, extolling the beauty of the island and recommending it for settlement.

Hilton Head Ocean Views for Today's Traveler

Today the beauty and quiet of the island is renowned nationwide, even worldwide. The bridge that opened Hilton Head to the mainland was built in 1956. Since then most travel to the island has been vacation travel. Some stay a week, some stay a month. Many choose to call Hilton Head home, and spend much of the year enjoying Hilton Head ocean views.

Hilton Head is characterized its gated communities. In some sense, they lend to the sense of privacy, seclusion, and quiet that first attracted residents and continue to attract visitors. In searching for accommodations during your stay, you'll consider all the amenities a resort offers. By definition these apply to air conditioning, cable television, private balcony, swimming pools, and washer and dryer. They include the many recreational opportunities as well--whether they be golf, tennis, fishing, boating, hiking, bird watching, cinema, or leisurely walks along Hilton Head's wide sandy beaches.

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