Hilton Head Oceanfront Rentals

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you plan your vacation, you might think first of Hilton Head oceanfront rentals. Atlantic breezes and sandy beaches are, after all, part of why you want to vacation in Hilton Head. Villas overlooking the island's 24 championship golf courses, lagoons, harbors, or wetlands are equally restful and beautiful.

Harbor views might offer the most spectacular sunsets. Hilton Head Island, though, is small. No matter where you stay, you'll enjoy South Carolina hospitality, wonderful amenities, and all the recreational opportunities for which Hilton Head is so well known.

Choosing among Hilton Head Oceanfront Rentals

You'll do best in your search for Hilton Head oceanfront rentals if you have a sound sense of the island's geography. It's a small island, so you needn't be daunted. Only 12 miles long and about five miles at its widest, Hilton Head nonetheless offers an amazing diversity of natural habitats and resort styles. Shaped like a boot standing tiptoe near the Georgia border, the island nestles the Low Country coastline at a northeast to southwest angle. It connects to the mainland at its ankle by a bridge built in 1956.

Along the sole of the boot run 12 miles of wide, sandy Atlantic beaches. At the toe of the boot, encompassing all of it, is the largest and oldest of Hilton Head's gated communities, Sea Pines. At the heel of the boot is Port Royal, yet another option. In the center of the sole are two other gated communities--Palmetto Dunes and Shipyard. Between these communities are the public beaches, and where you'll also want to look for shorter term Hilton Head oceanfront rentals.

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