Hilton Head Oceanfront Villas

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Most Hilton Head oceanfront villas line the 12 miles of the Atlantic and face southeast rather than east. If you look at any map of the eastern part of the country, you see the gradual incline east to west from the Chesapeake Bay down to Florida. Hilton Head Island is boot-shaped, nestled close the South Carolina mainland, and stands on tip-toe just above the Georgia state line. The sole of the boot are the 12 miles of Hilton Head's renowned Atlantic beaches.

Defined in part by its golf courses, ocean breezes, and year-round temperate climate, Hilton Head is also defined in part by its gated communities. They are primarily, but not exclusively, residential. Demographics gleaned from the 2000 census indicated that of Hilton Head's 14,800 residential properties, 78 percent are owner occupied and 22 percent are tenant occupied.

Among these properties are a great many Hilton Head oceanfront villas. These might be available as either rentals or timeshares. Many are in Sea Pines, the oldest and largest of the communities, which encompasses the entire toe of the boot. Shipyard and Palmetto Dunes, two communities near the middle of the sole, also overlook the Atlantic. Palmetto Dunes is characterized by its many lagoons. Port Royal, on the boot's heel, looks toward the ocean as well. Port Royal is the site of the Civil War's largest naval engagement.

Vacation-Oriented Hilton Head Oceanfront Villas

Smaller communities on the island also offer Hilton Head oceanfront villas for rent. As with villas within the Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Shipyard, or Port Royal communities, rates will vary by season, location, and length of stay. This last is most often by week, month, or season. The usual minimum stay, certainly during the high season, is three days. You'll find these smaller communities--once you do your research--near the public access beaches.

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