Hilton Head Vacation Villas

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The view from Hilton Head vacation villas might be over a golf course, a marina, a lagoon, or the beach. No matter where you stay, however, South Carolina hospitality will ensure you a home away from home. The semi-tropical climate, lush landscape, and ocean breezes establish the tone. The pace of your stay--whether a week or a month or a season--is up to you.

Lifestyles in Hilton Head Vacation Villas

At the top of the usual list of recreation for guests of Hilton Head vacation villas is--with very good reason--golf. There are about 24 courses on the island, all of them lush and challenging. Their fairways weave in and out of grasslands, saltwater marshes, freshwater wetlands, and maritime forests.

Designed by master PGA architects, the courses are admittedly unkind if you're not in full control of your drives and long iron shots. Four rank among the nation's top 100, and one hosts the PGA-sponsored MCI class championship each year. If you're a scratch golfer, this is all good news. If you're a little more casual in your approach, you might be interested in the island's many golf schools and pro lessons.

Golf is not the only activity that you can enjoy during your stay, of course. Tennis is just as popular, as the 250 or 300 courts across the island attest. Water sports are especially favored, only natural given the surrounding ocean and inland waterways. Your choice among Hilton Head vacation villas might very well be a matter of what activities you enjoy most. Research will acquaint you with the geography of the island, how to get around, and what community might be your best bet.

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