Myrtle Beach Couples Golf

Written by Liza Hartung
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For the pair who cannot bear to be separated on their trip, there is Myrtle Beach couples golf. Maybe you both play all the time. Maybe you two have never played. Maybe one of you plays all the time while the other one has better things to do. Whatever your situation, you are guaranteed to have a blast playing couple's golf. I do suggest, however, that if one or both of you isn't the best player, that you get a slightly unpopular tee time. Otherwise, you will have people playing through all day.

If you have no experience playing golf, I still think you can have a blast. You may even have more fun than if you were experienced because you have nothing to prove! My friends and I would play night golf during college. None of us was particularly good, so we picked a time when hardly anyone was on the course. We did the best we could, which wasn't so great, especially considering it was nighttime, but we certainly had fun.

Play Myrtle Beach Couples Golf

Myrtle Beach has some the best golf courses in the country. Many of them are top-rated in Golf Digest. You can either just go play a round or two, or, you can get a package. Packages vary in what they offer. Some have all day unlimited play. Some have certain courses at certain times. Others have a specific number of rounds, but any time you want. When it comes to Myrtle Beach couples golf, choose what is best for you.

Myrtle Beach couples golf can be particularly fun if you are on vacation with another couple. You can do couple against couple or boys against girls. Whatever you decide, you are in for a day of laughs and good times. This is a great activity for people who don't normally play because it gives you a new experience. For those who do play, you will appreciate the gorgeous greens.

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