Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Lodging

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are plenty of choices when it comes to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina lodging. You can stay at hotels, motels or inns. However, I recommend a bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are so much cozier than anything else. You will get a sense of the town you are in. You will wake up relaxed, knowing that a great breakfast is on its way. You will go to bed feeling safe and cozy.

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful place to visit. It sits on the gorgeous coastline of South Carolina, and is set for many outdoor activities and romantic surroundings. The ocean rushes in to meet the land of white sandy beaches. You will see breathtaking sunsets, and, if you can get up early, sunrises that will start your day off better than ever. You can rent bikes and cycle along the shoreline. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go swimming, body surfing or sailing in the ocean.

You may even want to bring along fun beach games such as Frisbee or paddleball. As you run along the shore, you are bound to come across some fascinating marine life. Where can you stay in order to enjoy all of this? What will be your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina lodging? Do a search on the Internet. Look for something that fits your schedule, budget and personal needs.

Find the Right Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Lodging for You

Myrtle Beach is such a unique place in America that I suggest avoiding typical hotel chains. Instead, try villas or condominiums. Perhaps you will want to enjoy the pampering of a bed and breakfast place. Try finding a place where you can get a package deal that will give you discounts on local activities. You can find plenty of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina lodging that will help save you money and locate fun things to do.

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