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Written by Liza Hartung
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If you are headed off to South Carolina with that special someone, you will no doubt want a romantic bed and breakfast SC. South Carolina is made for romance. It is a beautiful state in every way. South Carolina is divided up into three main sections-the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Blue Ridge Mountain. The Coastal Plain makes up most of this gorgeous southern state.

It is difficult not to find a romantic place in South Carolina. Therefore, why not make it a little more so and stay in a romantic bed and breakfast SC? You will find the most adorable little towns in this historic state. Many of my friends are practically addicted to Charleston and make it a point to go at least once a year.

Aside from the breathtaking coastline, South Carolina is full of thriving greenery. The forest, the mountains, the trees, the bushes, the leaves of flowers and the grass all make for a giant, soft and flowing green background. Because of this, there is wonderful golf to be played in South Carolina. So, if you are on a romantic retreat and your love loves golf, let him go play and allow yourself the day indulging at a local spa.

You Can Find a Romantic Bed and Breakfast SC with Ease

South Carolina is a wonderfully historic state. There are many large homes in the style of Southern Plantation. They are soft colors with great big columns and wrap-around porches. To add to this feeling of another time, you can hop in a carriage drawn by horses and take a tour of the local town. If you do all this and head back to your romantic bed and breakfast SC, you will feel worlds away from your troubles.

There are many adorable little towns to choose from when staying at a romantic bed and breakfast SC. Abbeville, South Carolina is a fabulously old-fashioned town. The big hustle and bustle centers around the town square and everyone is extremely polite. Everyone is treated like a friend. The nightlife in Abbeville is something that people look forward to all day. In this little town, there are no major worries.

Pendleton, South Carolina is a great place to stay if you are looking for a romantic bed and breakfast SC. This is one of the most homely towns you will find in South Carolina. There are many boutiques, antique shops and delicious restaurants. You can also go to the 6,000 square foot farm museum. At one time, there was a very popular general store that now serves as a visitor's center. You will be hard pressed to go anywhere in this town and not come across amazing works of arts and crafts. Feel free to purchase and bring a little bit of Pendleton home with you.

Wonderful Romantic Bed and Breakfasts Can Be Found in South Carolina

Pretty much every South Carolina town has a very cozy historical feel. You can find benches all over the state where you can sit, enjoy a coffee or other beverage, and have fun people watching. There are beautiful gardens almost everywhere you go. Make sure you have time in your day to enjoy the gardens. They are not things to be passed by when in a hurry.

No matter which town you choose for your romantic bed and breakfast in SC, you will not walk away unsatisfied. For those who like history and the outdoors, you will want to make South Carolina an annual event. Wherever you go, you can golf, hike, bike, visit gardens, play tennis, ride horses, swim, sail and surf. This state has everything for romantics and outdoorsy people.

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